IT Manager

IT Manager



Job title: IT Manager
Reporting to: Director
Job Code: 2133

IT Manager duties and responsibilities of the job

As a leader in the IT department, and an employee responsible for organisation-wide systems and information, an IT Manager’s job description should include the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Running regular checks on network and data security
  • Identifying and acting on opportunities to improve and update software and systems
  • Developing and implementing IT policy and best practice guides for the organisation
  • Designing training programs and workshops for staff
  • Conducting regular system audits
  • Running and sharing regular operation system reports with senior staff
  • Overseeing and determining timeframes for major IT projects including system updates, upgrades, migrations, and outages
  • Managing and reporting on allocation of IT budget
  • Providing direction for IT team members
  • Identifying opportunities for team training and skills advancement

IT Manager job qualifications and requirements

As a manager in the organisation, the IT Manager job description should ask for several years of industry experience, and a qualification or degree in one of the following fields:

  • Information Technology
  • Science or Computer Science
  • Management

Preferred Desirable experience and skills

  • Programmers and software development
  • Analyst-programmer
  • Database developer
  • Games programmer
  • Programmer
  • Web design and development professionals
  • Internet developer
  • Multimedia developer
  • Web design consultant
  • Information technology and telecommunications professionals not elsewhere classified
  • IT consultant
  • Quality analyst (computing)
  • Software tester
  • Systems tester (computing)
  • Telecommunications planner

Average Weekly Core Hours:37.5

Location:West Midlands

Salary:£26,600 per num (£13.12 per hour) and 5.6 weeks holidays per annum on a pro-rata basis including bank holidays.